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They only find fault with those who do teach. He used it in both deciduous and permanent teeth. Hungerford Committee on Ethics " Drs. D., of New York, as given in the New York Med. The oldest case on record was observed by Mr. What docs the work as a whole teach? i. jaborandi, gtts. Stevens Coupons for Soma Lynn; Second Vice President, Dr. Stem Coupons for Soma Sec'y, 4319, 13th Ave., B'klyn, N.

- Lib. He lived only a few weeks after I saw him. " Quilltoothpicks are undoubtedly the best that can be used. CuuTis Coupons for Soma of Syracuse, has l)een acting as Dr. Make gold crowns for molar and bicuspid. Acid Carbolic gr. In fact Coupons for Soma swear if the apparatus permits.

31, large enough to cover the end of the root. Reilly I think I cautious about that statement. Morgan : I must differ from some of the speakers. " Oxysulphate of zinc and Flagg's solution.

These may be divided into local and general. We think this is especially true of dental literature. It is a handsome ornament in any ofiSce and as Dr. exertion such service as here enumerated demands. And that money helps pay an imderpaid assistant. Operations for the preservation of the teeth. The sections on Sight and Hearing are exhaustive. Stem Coupons for Soma Sec'y, 4319, 13th Ave., B^klyn, N. Syringe for applying ointments, etc " J. Atkinson followed with a paper on nomenclature. The preparation used was a two per cent, solution. Harper I wish to add mite in honoring Dr.

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