TTT: Lindy & Collegiate Shag Wshops this Sunday in Chester!!

Taina Time + Tea Dance = TTT


Taina Time + Tea Dance = TTT

(level 2-3)

with Taina

Sunday 16 November 2014



A whole afternoon of dancing!

Start off with workshops

2-3pm:Collegiate Shag for Fast-Beginners and Improvers

3-5pm: Lindy Hop fancy footwork and tidy technique for intermediate level dancers

Followed by a tea dance

5-6pm Social dancing, tea drinking and cake and cookie eating for EVERYONE!

It’s sillily good value too:

£13 for the whole thing in advance. 2-6pm. That’s the 3 hour workshop and one hour of social dancing with refreshments. (£15 on the door)


£10 for the Lindy only workshop and the social hour with refreshments, in advance. 3-6pm. That’s in case for some crazy reason you don’t fancy the first hour of Collegiate Shag!? (£12 on the door)

Please message me and/or post on Facebook with any queries, to book or just to chat. 🙂 As always your bookings are confirmed as soon as the pennies get to me (Cash, Bank Transfer, or Paypal)

Address:All Saint Church Hall, Vicarage Rd, Hoole, CH2 3HZ, Cheshire MAP

Organiser is the lovely Emma Apple from Chester:

“Yes yes yes! Chester Swing Dance Society is happily hosting the ever effervescent, energetic and experienced Taina Kortelainen for a second time to teach us some more exciting and fun Swing dance steps and technique in our triple-tastic three part Workshop and Sociable Tea Dance!

I’ve bagged us a brilliantly big and beautiful new venue which I can’t wait to fill with all your lovely faces/feet ;). This is the largest workshop we’ve held in Chester so far, so it’s absolutely worth coming from far and wide and perfect for everyone in Chester to get together for a top quality, super exciting event!

Please pair up with someone lovely to book. 🙂 I’ll be keeping an eye on numbers to try to keep a nice balance, so it’s first come first served – I’ll pause bookings if the leads need to catch up. 😉

Mobile: 0779 196 2556

We’ll try to keep the numbers even so if you can nab yourself a lead (and book together) that would be lovely.

So excited to be doing this again, see you there!

Love as always,
Emma Apple. xx”

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