Summer is coming! Outdoor events and Workshops

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Summer is coming!

And with summer we have the outdoor events mixed in with workshops! Have a look at the details through the links, any queries, please don’t hesitate to email or call!

HI DE HO Dance Camp Sept 2015

A long weekend by the sea side

Friday 11th – Monday 14th September 2015!

3 party nights with a dedicated Swing dance room until 2am

28 classes from your Swing Team + over 120 classes in different Latin dances!

3 Levels of Lindy Hop: Fast Beginners/Improvers – Intermediates I – Intermediates II

Plus 8 Taster Classes FULL INFO here! 


Happy dancing!

Workshops in April + Mini Private Lessons (-30%!!!)


Big Apple with Taina KThe super busy March is soon behind and April with new workshops awaits!

All details on the website but here’s a short version:

  • Thurs 9th April – Big Apple: Full Routine 7pm-9pm
    • The classic & super popular Big Apple routine from Keep Punching!!!

      7pm-9pm on Thursday 9th April!

      A solo routine, so no need to hunt for a partner

      Suitable for Level 2 Lindy Hoppers and above

  • Thurs 9th April – Mini-Private Lessons (30% off normal price)
    • Excellent opportunity to sample how a private lesson would benefit you!

      You can bring a‘shopping list’ of things you’d like to learn, or have a ‘dance MOT’ to get to the next level. Another popular option is to send a Youtube clip of style/ dancer in advance and I’ll break it down for you!

      COST £10 for the 30 minutes per person 

      (normal cost £39 per 60mins)

  • Sun 26th April – Collegiate Shag
    • We’ll be getting familiar with this brilliant dance from the 1930s! Good fun to mix with your Lindy and works nicely with uptempo tunes.Level:  Fast-Beginners Shag – we will start off with the Basic step but advancing quite quickly. And as always, avoiding repetition from previous workshops as much as possible, so you’ll learn something different every time!

See you dancing!


Taina Kortelainen

079 497 43 549


Twitter: Would You Dance

Tranky Doo, Lindy, Big Apple and so much more!


This year has started with so much Jazz!

Tranky Doo & Big Apple both great classic routines, let’s get them trending in Manchester!

  • 2 workshops Sun 22 Feb: Tranky Doo & Lindy
  • Big Apple Sun 1 March – for those who have tried Big Apple before
  • Manchester Lindy Exchange 24-26 July – FOLLOWERS RULE!

This Sunday Tranky Doo & Lindy!
Limited places, please register by email or text!

Tranky Doo and Lindy with Taina


Tranky Doo 2pm, no need for partner!

Lindy 4pm: Tandem Charleston & other super moves with Lead & Follow tips

FEE: Tranky £10; Lindy £8; Whole afternoon £16

Student prices: Tranky £6; Lindy £5; Whole afternoon £9

More details
FB event here

Big Apple – Full Routine
Sundy 1 March – 1pm-4pm

Big Apple with Taina K in Manchester - Full Routine!

The classic & super popular Big Apple routine from Keep Punching!!!

Note the Sunday friendly starting time of 1pm!

It is a solo routine, so no need to hunt for a partner

More details
FB event here

Manchester Lindy Exchange! An amazing 3 days of dancing to live music & DJs!

Manchester Lindy Exchange!

Followers!! Are you aware that you can get your MCRLX tickets NOW! No chasing for partners needed just buy yours before 28thFeb!  Follow and Switch tickets are currently £45 in person or £50 online.

Lead and Couple tickets go on Sale at Manchester Lindy on February 24th, and online on the 28th at 11am.

More Details
FB Event Here

(Manchester Lindy and Would You Dance / Dance Teacher Manchester collaborate
in various ways on different aspects of the Lindy world.)


Workshops are back!


Workshops are back!

  • Guest Teaching for Manchester Lindy – Tues 26 Aug. Level 1 Lindy + Jazz
  • Fast Beginners Lindy Workshop – Sun 7 Sept
  • Level 2 Lindy Workshop:  Posh Moves & Art of Counter Balance – Sun 21 Sept



Guest Teaching Level 1 & Jazz

for Manchester Lindy Tues 26th August

Level1 Lindy at 7.45pm-8.30pm

Suitable for complete beginners!

Jazz at 8.30pm-9.15pm

No partner needed – suitable for all levels!

Solo moves to turn you into a solid dancer!


£5 for the evening, inc social dance till 10.45pm!

Address:Come Lindy Hop with us at the beautiful art deco Freemason’s Hall, Bridge St (off Deansgate) M3 3BT

Fast-beginners Lindy Workshop

Sun 7th September

Easy, fun additions to your repertoire – this is what every leader is after!

Lead & Follow + Technique tips for the Followers

More details soon!


Private Lessons

Choice of several dance styles:

  • Swing dances (Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Rock’n’Roll, Charleston, Balboa, Shag)
  • Jazz Routines as well as basic Tap.
  • Ballroom & Latin
  • Blues Dancing

We can cover any aspect of dancing from basics to moves, connection, variations, lead & follow points, posture, musicality, styling etc etc…

Same cost for 1 or 2 people: £30/h + studio hire; £45/h at your home;

Ask for a quote for a small group!

A better value space available now in centre of Manchester, roomhire £9/h!! (instead of £20…)

Details here


See you dancing!