Dancing to Live Music

Such a thrill to dance to live music! The energy in the room is in a different level compared to ‘DJ only’ events and even those who are committed to just sitting and watching get a kick out of seeing the musicians in action.

Mike Sanchez

Spring Ball 2014 at Longfield Suite, Prestwich – Mike Sanchez playing

Dancing to live music brings home the fact that not every song is the comfortable strolling tempo of 34 bars / min (136 beats /min) that your weekly social’s DJ puts on… Suddenly you are gasping for air as you can’t physically travel back & forth as much as with the slow tunes, and the dynamics / slotting in some resting moves would make a difference…! And if you’ve got the skills, a bit of Balboa or Charleston to throw in in-between the frantic triple steps to ‘Sing Sing Sing’ would calm things down.

The best bands keep on eye on the dance floor and even change their set according to how the dancers behave – keeping the floor busy is an artform on its own.

And us dancers need to show our appreciation; applauding after each song is the thing to do, the band is playing for us after all! More live music! It keeps events lively with great atmosphere and brings a new dimension to our dancing!



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