Workshops in April + Mini Private Lessons (-30%!!!)


Big Apple with Taina KThe super busy March is soon behind and April with new workshops awaits!

All details on the website but here’s a short version:

  • Thurs 9th April – Big Apple: Full Routine 7pm-9pm
    • The classic & super popular Big Apple routine from Keep Punching!!!

      7pm-9pm on Thursday 9th April!

      A solo routine, so no need to hunt for a partner

      Suitable for Level 2 Lindy Hoppers and above

  • Thurs 9th April – Mini-Private Lessons (30% off normal price)
    • Excellent opportunity to sample how a private lesson would benefit you!

      You can bring a‘shopping list’ of things you’d like to learn, or have a ‘dance MOT’ to get to the next level. Another popular option is to send a Youtube clip of style/ dancer in advance and I’ll break it down for you!

      COST £10 for the 30 minutes per person 

      (normal cost £39 per 60mins)

  • Sun 26th April – Collegiate Shag
    • We’ll be getting familiar with this brilliant dance from the 1930s! Good fun to mix with your Lindy and works nicely with uptempo tunes.Level:  Fast-Beginners Shag – we will start off with the Basic step but advancing quite quickly. And as always, avoiding repetition from previous workshops as much as possible, so you’ll learn something different every time!

See you dancing!


Taina Kortelainen

079 497 43 549


Twitter: Would You Dance

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