Corporate Parties & Private Events – add a dance lesson to make it special

Dancing is a great way to get a party going 
and a dance lesson breaks the ice.
All you have to do is to
1) decide the style of dancing

2) choose one – or combination – of the formats below for your event
A fun lesson in the dance style of your choice

I’d recommend that the lesson is in the early part of the event ie before the band’s first set and enabling you to take advantage of the ice breaker -effect.
A demonstration of 1920s Charleston, 1940s Swing dancing or 1950s Rock’n’Roll
Dancing with your guests. We will partner your guests on the dance floor and occasionally dance with each other.

We will be dressed according to the theme and bring with us the music for the lesson & demos as well as a wireless headset microphone to be plugged into your sound system when the number of guests requires it.

Fees start from £240 
(for one teacher teaching a lesson in Central Manchester location).

Contact Us for more details!