Marianne J. - Hen party, charleston theme

Thank you SOOO much for working your magic on me and my girls… a fabulous time was had by all, and they are still raving about it now!

Bruce Parker - Intermediate Balboa & Lindy dancer

I have had the pleasure of many good dance teachers over the years and I rate Taina’s instruction very highly. What makes her so good is that she is very receptive to what you want to get out of the lesson, very perceptive to how you dance and what holds you back, knows not just the dances that she teaches instinctively and fluidly, but also just knows dance in terms of the human body very very well. She makes the lesson feel friendly and funny whilst maintaining the security that you are in the authoritative hands of an expert. 

Taina also can flick her role between leader/follower, beginner/experienced dancer to give you what you need. 

Finally she works hard for you, maintaining an awareness of everything that has happened in the lesson, continuously recapping and bringing together what you are learning, and sending you off with a summary list of all the pointers from the lesson. Great value.

Lisa & Linda - Zumba

We had a great time, though we were quite nervous in the beginning. We’ll definitely see you next week!

Helen Brown - Hen party, 1950s theme

Thanks so much again for giving Sarah such a great hen do dance class – it was fantastic and we all really enjoyed it!

Amali - Zumba

I really enjoyed the class today, thanks!

Angela & Cliff - First dance

The thought of having to dance in front of all the guests really scared us. We would like to say a big thank you for your patience. You have been a great teacher and the dance lessons were actually very enjoyable to take the stressful moments off our minds…we managed to put on a really good show for our first dance! Angela & Cliff

Helen - Zumba

Everyone enjoyed the class and you will see us soon. Thanks!

Guy & Helena Sharpstone - Barmitzvah

Taina taught my 13 year old son and I a Cha Cha Cha to do for the opening dance at his Barmitzvah party. She was patient, fun and a very good teacher as well as being a fantastic dancer herself. After three lessons and a lot of practice, we had our routine ready. The usual dance in this situation is an awkward mother-son shuffle. Not for us – we loved every minute of it and friends and family were bowled over. We couldn’t have done it without Taina. She was brilliant and we had so much fun. You should give it a try. 
Helena and Guy Sharpstone

Susie & Ross Faulkner - First dance

We took dance lessons so that we could actually dance to the first song at our wedding rather than sway from side to side! Taina was very patient with us (especially when we bickered over who went wrong!) but she was also ambitious for us, pushing us to achieve as much as possible. We could hardly believe how far we came in 5 lessons and how much we enjoyed it! We are very proud of and pleased with our new found Foxtrot skills � all thanks to Taina! 
Susie & Ross

Juliette Carter - Intermediate dancer

I have been dancing for nearly two years and I wanted to have a private lesson with Taina. My Husband paid for two lessons for my birthday, which was great. I didn’t want to learn specific moves, I asked Taina to help me clean up my dancing. I was aware that I have been developing bad habits in my Lindy Turns and Circles and wanted to correct them. Taina was great, she tailored my classes exactly to what I wanted. She picked up even the tiniest mistakes I was making in my posture and frame and showed me how to correct them. She is also able to dance as if she is different partners with different styles so that I could make sure I match each partner�s frame and style. I really enjoyed my lessons and they definitely improved my dancing. They helped me to move to the next level.

Alex - Zumba

Yeah I’m really enjoying it! Fab!

Vindya & Isuru - First dance

Thank you so much for being such a nice & flexible teacher! We got to dance comfortably to our favourite song on our special day, thanks to you!!!

Steve JH - Intermediate/advanced dancer

I have had private lessons with Taina for a number of years now, each lesson a slightly different flavour covering the full spectrum from connection and moves through to specific help with performance technique. Always very effective, I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Alice & Jim - First dance