One to one dance lessons are the quickest way to learn. We can have the lessons in a studio or in a function room, venue availability permitting.


You can come along with a shopping list of things you want me to go through with you. Alternatively you can turn up and I’ll help you to the next stage.

I lead and follow so you can have lessons on your own regardless of if you are male or female; there are also lots of couples who take lessons together.


The fee is £55 per 60mins (includes studio hire) 
or £45 per 60mins (inc a function room hire)
(These quotes are for my regular venues in centre of Manchester) 

Dance Styles:

My repertoire consists of Ballroom, Latin, Swing dances (Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Rock’n’Roll, Charleston, Balboa, Shag), Blues Dancing, Jazz Routines (Shim Sham, Madison, Dean Collins Shim Sham, Electric Slide and plenty of classic Jazz steps) as well as basic Tap.

We can cover any aspect of dancing from basics to moves, connection, variations, lead & follow points, posture, musicality, styling etc etc…

I’m a professional dance teacher with years of experience – I can change between different teaching techniques to ensure that you get the most out of the lesson!